Portable "Hardman" for Harddiscs up to 5.25", or CDROMs !
You will find Explanations and all necessary files on this pages to build your own 
portable Hardware-Player for playing MP3-Files from a Harddisc or CDROM !
External IDE Port,
you can connect the Hardman directly to your PC-IDE-Interface and transfer any kind of file to the HD of the Hardman or backwards !!

Also you can upload new player-software by connecting a special cable here.

Foil keyboard.

You can use any kind of keyboard, but it should have a four row/column matrix.

2 lines*16 Char LCD- Display.

It is not difficult to use bigger Displays here. You have to change the Hardman Operating system only a little bit (1-).
Most Displays have the same control-bus.




Here you can see the Hardman 
in comparison to a 
10GB Samsung Harddisc:


If you want to know something
about the Developers
Holger Hartmann,
and Kai-Christian Struß:

Read about history of "Hardman"

Reset Button and Memory- Switch.

You can choose if you want to run the Hardman OS from RAM or EEPROM.
(Only interesting for HardMan-OS Developers!)

Headphone and CINCH Connectors.

To connect an external Amplifier or a headphone resp. speaker. Hardman contents a 2*6 Watts Stereo- Amplifier.

Power Connector.

Here you have to connect an 12V/2A DC-Power- Supply.

As an example you can see
here a Samsung 10GB. But you can use any kind of IDE Device (Harddiscs should have one FAT 32 Partition!) 

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